Learn English: Classes to Improve Your Fluency

Are you looking for classes to help you learn English? Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate level student, there are plenty of options available to help you improve your fluency. We have selected some of the best courses that can be completed in less than six months. The first course is a video-based online English course for beginning students. It includes 20 units that cover basic topics such as weather, clothing, climate, places in the neighborhood, and more.

Interactive activities combine videos, photos, sound, graphics and text to teach vocabulary, grammar, spelling and life skills. You can practice listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in English. The second course is also a video-based English course for intermediate level students. It includes five interesting video stories about the situations of different characters living in the United States.

There are 20 units that cover topics such as workers and the workplace, housing and family life, taxes, law and community issues, and more. The Practical English and Reading course contains intermediate level readings on a variety of topics. In addition to reading the story yourself, you can also listen to a native speaker read the story. Each unit contains a reading practice, vocabulary and spelling, comprehension questions, and a writing activity.

Pronunciation practice is also part of the vocabulary section. Access America is an intermediate level course that provides practical information about living in the United States. The course contains 5 units with more than 100 videos on a wide variety of topics such as using community services, obtaining a driver's license, developing work skills, managing the health system, understanding the U. S., and more.

The lessons also include conversation, vocabulary, reading and language practice activities to help you develop your English skills. The USA Learns Citizenship course helps immigrants prepare for all parts of the naturalization interview including the steps to becoming a U. S. citizen; who needs legal help and where to get it; how to avoid immigration fraud; preparation for oral review of the N-400 application section by section; EE.

UU. Learn, talk and connect with a small group of students guided by an expert tutor. The New York Public Library helps adult students improve their communication skills in English with two types of classes available at more than 20 libraries in the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island. English language learners learn the basics of searching for applying for and interviewing jobs in the United States as in many other online English learning programs. The success of this Coursera class is undeniable: 67 percent of those who completed the program were able to start a new career. USA Learns has several free courses to help you learn English improve your skills study for a job prepare you to become a U.

S. The class available at your own pace and available at any time also includes the language used when traveling placing an order at a restaurant and while on vacation in the United Kingdom. Coursera is among the top providers of online learning and partnered with the University of Pennsylvania to offer this 40-hour course. This allows students to demonstrate what they have learned to employers or school administrators. Taught by instructors from the University of Pennsylvania this class is aimed at beginners of English. It would benefit any English student who wants to improve their fluency for business or the academic world but familiarity with the language helps.

As a student of NYPL's free English as a Second Language classes Raúl Flores is proud to say that he has gone from knowing just a few basic phrases in English to being able to talk comfortably with other English speakers. The class uses a variety of topics including movies sports nature health pets and the Olympic Games to improve listening comprehension and fluency. Learn whenever you want: at home at work on a walk or on the way to the airport: you choose. To that end the curriculum emphasizes grammatical elements that tend to confuse English learners.

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