Who is the best teacher for learning english?

Rachel from Rachel's English has more than a million subscribers on YouTube and that's for good reason. Her specialty is American English pronunciation, so if you want to improve your American English pronunciation, don't hesitate to follow Rachel's successful YouTube channel. Topics include “how to determine your own level of English”, how to overcome the fear of speaking and “common mistakes to avoid when learning English”. Not all of Marina's videos are about learning English; some of them share business experience and general tips for life, but most people who learn English for business purposes will also find them useful.

Professor Paul from Learn American English Online Paul focuses mainly on very specific grammatical concepts and produces traditional, content-based lectures. YouTube has become a popular language center for watching free videos and classes in almost any language you want to learn. Viewers can follow their own pre-planned course or choose from several playlists, each of which deals with a specific aspect of English that students struggle with. If you watch the same YouTube channel to teach English every week, you'll soon be part of a group of like-minded students who enjoy learning with methods similar to yours.

This means that you can save your English learning budget to use even more useful tools, such as practicing with a speaker who speaks fluently in real life on a website like Preply. The Preply YouTube channel has a wide range of resources for learning English, no matter what area of English you want to learn or what level you're at. There is a playlist for learning English with recent news, another for refining the accent and another for preparing for English exams. A few years ago he decided to start making YouTube videos for English students for fun and they became a big success.

Check out my top 5 American teachers below and leave a comment to tell me the names of the other teachers you follow to learn English with FREE classes on YouTube. The VOA Learning English channel, therefore, is an English lesson bank created with the help of the United States government. The host is a Briton named Jack who believes that the first step to mastering English is learning to learn. If you don't want to invest a whole year in this course, there's also a great selection of playlists, from “English in a Minute”, where you can learn common American expressions in short excerpts, to “American Stories”, short clips of famous stories in English with subtitles and explanations of difficult words.

However, I really wanted to include it in my video about the best British English teachers or in my video about the best American English teachers. I recently published a blog post about the top 5 British English teachers on YouTube (which you can read here), and in this blog post I'm going to share with you my top 5 American English teachers on YouTube.

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