The 10 Best Websites to Learn English Online

Are you looking for the best place to learn English online? With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which platform is right for you. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced speaker, there are plenty of websites that can help you improve your English skills. From individual tutoring to group classes, here are the 10 best websites for learning English online. Preply is a language learning platform that connects students with their personal English tutor. With more than 32,000 tutors to choose from, you can get a personalized learning plan that fits your skill level, schedule and needs.

Preply also offers group classes online, where you can learn, talk and connect with a small group of students, guided by an expert tutor. Coursera is another great option for learning English online. You can develop the skills you need with video conferences, quizzes and projects at your own pace. Plus, you can use their student forum to receive feedback on your progress.

If you want to learn from a qualified English teacher, Perfectly Spoken has pre-recorded video conferences to help you understand speech and pronunciation in English.USA Learns is still a popular course for adult English learners, even though the website is out of date. With video English lessons and thousands of activities, you can learn cultural facts and language skills to adapt to life in the United States. In addition to grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation courses, USA Learns has a useful U. S.

Citizenship section that will provide you with all the information, language practice, and resources you'll need to prepare for life in the U. S.If you're looking for a fun way to learn English online, BBC Learning English is one of the best websites out there. With 3000 free listening activities, it should take your English to the next level. Ororo TV is another great website for learning English with hundreds of English-language movies and series with subtitles.Breaking News English is one of the most popular websites for learning English online.

News articles are classified into 7 levels of difficulty and they offer activities to improve your listening skills and learn about current events. They also have lessons and materials to help you prepare for the Cambridge exams. GlobalExam is designed to help you be confident in what you are learning and enjoy learning a new language like English. You start with an assessment of your level to choose the best course for you and then build your skills with fun and effective lessons and activities. Once you're ready, you can approve the certifications. FluentU was designed to teach through real content in English without any of the difficulties involved.

You can find intermediate English courses, specific grammar classes, business or science English and much more. Collins also has an English grammar section with articles on grammatical topics such as nouns, verbs and prepositions. Most online learning platforms collect data that allows you to view your lesson history, word lists, strengths and weaknesses. Knowing the way your brain works and how your learning process works will help you choose the best website. To get you on the right track, you can filter courses by IELTS level, Cambridge level or other types (exam preparation, business English or general English). If you want to share your favorite secret resources for learning English, feel free to leave a comment below.

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