How to Improve Your Reading and Understanding of Written English

If you want to improve your reading and understanding of written English, there are a few steps you can take. Start by searching for the roots, prefixes, and suffixes of words you already know. This will help you to find related words and ideas. When you read, you'll usually come across new words.

If there are too many new words for you to understand, then the level is too high and you should look for something simpler. However, if there are a maximum of five new words per page, then you'll be able to learn the vocabulary easily. You may even be able to guess the meaning of the words from the context without having to look them up in a dictionary. Not only will you learn new words, but you'll also see how they are used naturally. To practice writing in English, try to write in English whenever possible.

When you come across new words in the text, you'll see them again each time you read them, which will help you to remember them. If you follow these steps to learn to read in English, then you may find that your reading skills and understanding improve even in your native language. To get the most out of your reading experience, there are a few things that you can do before, during, and after reading. Thinking about what you have read will show you how much you really understood and will help you determine if there are any questions that still need answering. Before watching a video in English, try reading the transcript first and then read along with the subtitles as the video plays. The same is true for improving your reading comprehension; breaking down the process into smaller steps will provide a ladder for climbing to the next levels.

All types of reading material can help with your practice, whether it's novels and short stories, newspapers or websites in English. Make reading a ritual; something that you do every time that you sit down to focus on reading English. Poetry can be difficult to understand because of its style and vocabulary, but if you work on it then you should be able to get an idea (or feeling) of what the poet is trying to say. Beginner students should start with children's books because of their simple grammar and vocabulary, while intermediate students can enjoy books for young adults such as the Harry Potter series. As well as learning new words, it's important to recognize words that you should know by sight without having to think about how to read them. When learning a language it's important to listen, speak and write as well as read.

If there are new words in the text that you don't understand then try guessing their meaning as you read; mark them with a pen and come back when you're finished reading to review them in a dictionary and add them to your vocabulary book. Having a specific process for preparing to read will help your brain know when it's time to focus on reading English. Turn your reading process into a ritual; something that you repeat every time that you sit down to focus on reading English.

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