What is the best site for learning english?

The BBC Learning English website will help you practice your listening skills in English. On the website, you can learn English with support for different languages such as Mandarin, Thai, Punjabi and Gujarati. You can follow the Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram pages of “BBC Learning English” for quick tips and lessons to learn with the best resources in English. Because of its quality content, BBC Learning English is one of our favorites among the best free English learning websites.

Learning English with the British Council prepares you to listen to, read and write the language. There are lessons in grammar and vocabulary, and business communication. You can watch videos, play games, read jokes, etc. The British Council's English courses are divided into courses for children and adolescents, adults, professionals and those who are preparing for IELTS.

You can learn on the British Council's English website specific to your country or language. Their Facebook pages are also very interesting learning resources among the sites available for learning English. To learn English, the best sites teach you in your language. Like Babbel, Duolingo also allows you to choose your display language for learning English, your daily study time and your previous knowledge of the language.

You do a level test before starting the level of learning for which you qualify. Practice with interactive reading, listening and writing exercises on the platform. You can even chat using the platform's communication service. Its gamified learning process with reward points and email reminders keeps students motivated.

On FluentU, you can learn English with the help of real world videos: TV shows, music videos, news and much more. The videos have interactive subtitles, which you can hover over to pause the video and get the meaning and definitions of the subtitles. This will help you understand how a word is used in different contexts and how the language is actually spoken. You can make video-based quizzes.

The platform tracks your progress and suggests the right resources for learning. Like FluentU, English Central has more than 10,000 videos on topics such as business, media, social networks, travel, studies and children. You can choose the topic that interests you and watch videos with subtitles and definitions. It has interactivities that help you learn the language and improve your pronunciation and grammar.

You can choose the line in which you would like to speak, use a microphone to do so and check if you pronounced them correctly or not. This is a feature that sets it apart from other English learning sites. That? It's a great tool for learning to speak English. Shivani is an editor and marketer of educational technology.

He has worked with educational technology companies and users around the world for more than 6 years. Dream of global literacy and unicorn islands. Our site has 100 free idioms, 20 free grammar lessons, and 15 free advanced English lessons. GlobalExam is the website you should consider if you want to learn English.

You start with an assessment of your level to choose the best level for you. Then build your skills with fun and effective lessons and activities to build strong skills. Once you're ready, you can approve the certifications. GlobalExam also offers a wide range of business English courses to help you in your career.

GlobalExam is designed to help you to be confident in what you are learning, to be confident and to enjoy learning a new language, such as English. If you need additional help, you can book an online class with a professional tutor, who will test your listening, speaking and pronunciation skills and create a personalized lesson plan for you with recommended videos with which you should learn. Awarded and developed twice by linguists, didactics and teachers, it really helps you get the most out of your English learning. Each of these sections is then divided into many lessons and activities, designed for different levels of students.

Cambridge English is perfect for young students and students who want to study for the Cambridge English exams. With Phrasemix, you can learn the best phrases in English that are useful in a variety of real life situations, such as making friends, going out to eat and giving a job interview. This website is specially designed for students of English as a second language or as a foreign language. My favorite feature of this program is that it allows you to create a study schedule and set learning objectives.

Therefore, regular language learning platforms are not always the best options for very young students. Preply is a language learning platform that helps you get interesting and personalized classes that cover all aspects of English. When learning English online, it's important to have a strong and reliable English dictionary. Famous for its “TED Talks” presentations on science, self-help, finance, philosophy and other fascinating topics, this educational platform also has an excellent website for learning English and other languages.

You can even participate in conversations based on a particular video to learn about the topic and have a better conversation. It's one of the best free websites for learning English with resources on topics such as politics, business, health, science, food and entertainment. If you want to learn about life, career and all the good things while learning to speak English, go to TED Talks. You can watch these videos with subtitles to learn better and consult the transcripts of the videos in several languages to understand their meaning.

With Voice of America news and English lessons, you can learn and teach how to read, listen and speak English. .

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