16 Best Free Online English Courses to Learn English

Are you looking for the best free online English courses to learn English? With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the 16 best free online English courses with additional information to help you make an informed decision. Each of these courses has a different focus, ranging from basic English language skills to more advanced topics such as public speaking and translation. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced English speaker, there is something for everyone.

With an illustrated dictionary of 400,000 words, you'll soon learn a lot of vocabulary. Translations are available in more than 20 languages, which means that you won't have any difficulty finding alternatives in English to words from your native language. One course you should take is the First English Course, a 20-unit course that teaches you the basics of the language, using a variety of class topics and all kinds of fun activities. Develop confidence in your English skills wherever you are going to use them.

Our complete English course is clearly defined, with interactive knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and culture for all skill levels, in specific bite-sized lessons. Get all the learning and practice you need to feel supported every step of the way. Access more than 2000 hours of interactive self-learning activities that cover all the basics: reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as grammar and vocabulary. The USA Learns Citizenship course helps immigrants prepare for all parts of the naturalization interview, including the steps to becoming U. S.

citizens. This four-week MOOC aims to help advanced English language students improve their English even more with video lessons, reading practices and speaking exercises. More experienced English speakers can succeed in a course that teaches students how to write an effective proposal, report and campaign in English. Students use their own experience in the past and present and hope to learn the appropriate verb tenses in the future. Instead, they have learned the language precisely because it is used so frequently and is therefore useful for understanding global culture and establishing connections with people around the world.

Some course suggestions are Essentials for English Speeches and Presentations, which is a course specifically aimed at students of English and Chinese and that will teach them public speaking skills in English. In this course, you'll learn all about pronunciation in English and the differences between different accents in English. The courses teach English through business skills such as job searching, resumes, cover letters and interviews. The Nursing Assistant Skills course teaches the language and academic skills needed to help you successfully communicate with patients and co-workers at work. Get ready to live your best life on your adventures abroad by learning basic vacation phrases and vocabulary in English. Take part in a personal, goal-oriented learning experience with private and group English classes led by a teacher, upon request.

Finally, Translation in Practice is a valuable course for students who want to learn how to translate accurately. Teaching English as a second language is a rewarding career path for an educator who will teach listening and speaking strategies, as well as conversation skills to people who are just learning to speak English.

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