How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

If you want to become a confident English speaker, you need to start by improving your listening skills. Listen to conversations in English and try to imitate them. Reading is also an important part of learning a language. To further develop your speaking skills, practice talking with strangers.

The more successful conversations you have, the more confident you'll feel. It's also beneficial to ask people around you to correct you. This will help you understand how you pronounce words and the rhythm of your sentences. To practice speaking in English, try talking about other activities in other business units in your organization.

Thinking in English will make it easier for you to speak in English, as it will take less time for you to decipher your answer. To test your speaking skills, try talking to a machine. Since you can't use facial expressions or body language, this is a great way to challenge yourself. Fear is the biggest obstacle when it comes to speaking in English and practicing what you've learned.

However, all these skills are connected and cross-training is the process of improving one skill by improving the others. If you need help finding videos in English with authentic pronunciation, FluentU's online learning program is a great resource. If public speaking makes you nervous, look for language cafés where you can practice with other people. You should also learn the correct way to speak, the use of intonation, the use of accent, relaxed pronunciation, etc.

Additionally, it's likely that an English speaker will want to learn your language as much as you want to learn English. To improve your fluency, learn the sounds of English and imitate native speakers. Take online classes from anywhere in the world and use a variety of phrases instead of individual words when speaking. The Sing King Karaoke YouTube channel is a great place to find new and classic English songs by top artists.

Douglas Sybounheuan
Douglas Sybounheuan

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