Learning New Words and Phrases in English: 14 Ideas to Get You Started

Reading is one of the best ways to learn new words and phrases in English. Keeping a dictionary and thesaurus handy can help you understand the nuances of words and their meanings. Here are 14 ideas to help you learn new words and phrases in English, with The New York Times as a resource. The first step is to read as much as possible, especially novels, magazines, and newspapers.

This will help you become familiar with the language and its nuances. You can also use The New York Times to understand new words in context and to think about how language shapes and is shaped by our world. If you want to take your language learning to the next level, try not to translate the word into your native language, but to explain and describe it in the language you're trying to learn. You can also draw pictures or find images that complement the sentences and place the words in their natural habitat.

The New York Times also offers a daily question about the opinion of Learning Network students which usually focuses on issues related to language, culture, and politics. This provides young people with a space dedicated to expressing their opinion. You can also type any word you're learning into the Times search field to explore the nuances of its meaning in different contexts. This will help you understand the practical and popular uses of words for your career, hobbies, and real life conversations.

Studying abroad is another great way to learn a language faster through immersion. You'll hear and read the language everywhere which will help you become more familiar with it. Finally, Larry Ferlazzo has some great ideas on ways to work with “second level” words in the classroom for English learners. Mind maps with associated words, synonyms or antonyms can also be helpful when learning new words.

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